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I don't know how long this community has been around or overall how active it is, but I just wanted to say hello to you all and introduce myself.

I am in my mid(ish)-40's and live on the West Coast of England.  I am single - and always have been as I have never met a Christian who I have "liked" enough!  I am happy with my life as I feel I am where God wants me to be, although I must admit that from time to time I get lonely - however i suppose we all get times like that.

For any who read my scribblings - there is usually quite a bit about 2 main topics - DJ the horse I have on loan (who is also my namesake) and the actor James Marsters.  Yes I am a huge fan of his - have met him briefly (now I will admit IF he were a Christian ... and ... !!!) and am going to see him in concert later this month.  I have never, ever followed an actor before, but he is amazing!

Anyway - I hope that gives you some idea about me - and also where the name debris4spike comes from.

God bless.
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