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Singleness a sin?

You know, it's hard enough being single in a world that tells you through movies, music, etc that you need a man to be happy, but this is crazy...

Is Singleness a Sin?

Thankfully the woman who wrote the article understands how ridiculous it is to generalize all Christian singles and doesn't agree with Dr. Mohlar's assertions.

However, I am stunned at this comment of his:

"If you're 17, 18, 19, 20, in your early 20s—what are you waiting for?"

My question is this...if Jesus was without sin, then how can being single be a sin?

I'll admit that some people remain single for selfish reasons, but I'd rather have that than have a bunch of selfish people getting married because people are telling them that's what God wants for them. The divorce rate is high enough already.

I enjoyed reading this response to Dr. Mohlar's ideas:

I remember having a roommate in college who was a Christian and told me that I better hurry up and get married because pretty soon my eggs were going to dry up. "You're not getting any younger" she said...I was 27....and after one semester I decided to have my own room with no roommate (surprise surprise, lol)

I'm 31 and still single and will be content with my singleness until the Lord blesses me with someone. :)
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