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It's so hard...

To be the kind of woman that God intends for me to be, as far as being holy and righteous... when you are single, and where you work at, there are a few single guys that are... well... attractive... to say the least. Ha! *G*

But my comfort is the fact that The Holy Spirit is alive and well within me, and it is He that tells me "That guy you're staring at is not the one I have planned for you." Once I hear those words, I just move on, not because I could, but because it is The Holy Spirit that gives me the ability to do that. Otherwise, I would be carelessly all over those guys. :-)

With that in mind, I just want to give glory where glory is due because it is God, by the power of His Spirit, that gives me the ability to be the godly woman that I am meant to be,... and gives me self-control. :-)

~*Diana.... who has the so-called 'eye candy' nearby her at work... LOL!
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