Stephanie (stephanieruth) wrote in singlegodlywmn,

It's Not Because I'm Ugly...

"Ultimately, we are single because that is God's will for us right now.
That's it.
It's not because we are too old...
Too fat
Too skinny
Too tall
Too short
Too quiet
Too loud
Too smart (haha ya right)
Too simple (haha, again I say, ya right)
Too demanding
Or too anything else
It's not wholly because of past failures or sin tendencies
It's not because we are of one race when many of the men around us are of another
It's not because the men we know lean toward passive temperments
It's not because there are more women than men in our singles group
It's not because our church dosen't even have a singles group...

Though perhaps these things seem like valid reasons, They don't trump God's will.

We are single today because God appointed us this gift today."

[From "Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye," by Carolyn McCulley]
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