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A call to pray...

Hello out there in LJ land! Just want to share with you a little something that was revealed very strongly by The Holy Spirit last Thursday night during our service that I think is not just for our church, but for every Christian citizen of the United States of America.

It all started when all of us workers and leaders was praying before we started the service, like we always do (NO! I am not by any means, a leader! I'm just a member of the music ministry). One of our associate pastors was praying, and while she was praying, she said "We are not just representing our families and our work places, but most of all Lord, we are representing this nation..." That was a confirmation to another associate pastor who was watching The 700 Club, where a congressman from Virginia called all citizens in prayer because there is something is really going on in D.C. with a lot of division and strife. Needless to say that our senior pastor did not have a chance to preach what he planned, but we were just worshiping and praising somewhat non-stop. For the last half hour of the service, he started assigning people to pray (of course, by the leading of The Spirit), and he chose me to go first.

I'll be upfront when I say when something like this happens, which has been happening for so many weeks in our church now, I am clueless as to what to do or say, so of course, I go by what The Holy Spirit is leading me to do. As I was praying, I found myself praying for America. And so was the senior pastor. The only difference between when I was praying and when he was praying is that he was travailing... I'm talking crying. Very rarely have I seen him do that. And I do mean very rarely.

There is something down deep in my spirit that, upon the revealation that was made by that congressman from Virginia, is very much troubling me. I am talking about a spiritual uneasiness. The last time I felt something like that, it was for something very serious. And it must be serious if a congressman is asking for the people to pray, especially when as we all know, the mere mention of God is now disallowed and forbidden in the government.

If you love this country, and you really believe that this country is meant to be more than what it is right now by the grace of God, then let us get on our knees together, let us pray and travail for this country. As citizens of this country, let us proclaim in one voice and in one accord that God is The Lord of this country, and that we want God to take His rightful place as Leader and Ruler of the United States...

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